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August 24-28, Ventspils, Latvia 

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The following template is suggested for preparation of your contributed paper or (summary) of your lecture.

While using templates you will help organizers to compose issue of the Workshop materials. Suggested length of the contributed paper is 4-8 pages.

The deadline is July 31

Template for Word

The contributed lectures

The largest part of our Workshop programme is the series of contributions on the current research of younger participants followed by discussion. We have 15 - 20 minutes for each presentation and additional time for discussion.

The author of a contributed paper will present the highlights of the topic, so that everyone will understand the main features and be able to follow or participate in the subsequent discussion. The presentation will normally summarise the aim of the research, the methodology used and some of the results obtained. It will sometimes point out some open questions that are suitable for discussion.

If the presentation is based on transparencies it is very important that these are clearly visible to everyone in the audience. Use large letters and a large line separation. The point size should be at least 18, and the number of lines per transparency should be at most 15.

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We shall invite one or two participants to be discussant(s) on each topic.

  • The discussant will normally come from another country than the author to be able to bring fresh ideas from other experiences and perspectives.
  • The total discussion time for each topic is 10 minutes (including questions from the audience).
  • The discussion is prepared on the basis of the written contributed paper sent to the discussant a week before.
  • Discussants may also tell us how closely they are related to the topic (have studied it, worked with it, etc.).
  • The discussant should give comments on the paper just presented and may include a short summary of the topic from some other perspective than the author's. The comments can deal with the aim, methods, results, conclusions, application area, interesting findings, unclear parts, and any other aspects.
  • If the discussant puts forward some specific questions to the author, these questions have to be known for the author of the paper at least a day before. The author should avoid replying to them in the presentation.


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