Join the International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS). The IASS activities include:

  • The Survey Statistician, our IASS newsletter, issued twice a year, including country reports, new and emerging methods, ask the experts, book reviews and upcoming journal articles and conferences.
  • A program of short courses prior to each ISI World Statistics Congress as well as a program of invited paper sessions.
  • Sponsorship for relevant international conferences on survey statistics and survey methodology.
  • A website giving access to past material and up to date information through our monthly newsletters:
  • The monthly IASS Webinar Series showcasing distinguished speakers on the theory and practice of surveys and censuses:
  • The Cochran-Hansen Prize, awarded every two years for the best paper on survey research methods submitted by a young statistician from a developing country.
  • The Hukum Chandra Memorial prize, awarded every year to a mid-career researcher who has made an important contribution in survey research

Our website is:
Twitter @iass_isi

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