You can download the workshop proceedings.


Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers will give three lectures (45 minutes each).

Name Title Lecture Slides
Prof. Carl-Erik Särndal (Sweden)
  • Lecture 1: Interplay between survey theory and the demands of official statistics production, a theory of science perspective
  • Lecture 2: The data collection stage: Responsive design and balancing the set of respondents
  • Lecture 3: The estimation stage: Calibrated weighting for non-response bias reduction and preferably without increased variance
Prof. Monica Pratesi (Università di Pisa, Italy)
  • Lecture 1: Recent developments in small area estimation (SAE) methodology
  • Lecture 2: Use of SAE in Italy: Case studies
  • Lecture 3: SAMPLE Project – data integration and SAE software

Invited Speakers

Invited speakers will give one lecture (45 minutes).

Name Title Paper Lecture Slides
Dr. Doc. Danutė Krapavickaitė (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Statistics Lithuania) Lecture: Sampling methods used in the studies of natural resources Slides
Prof. Gunnar Kulldorff (Umeå University, Sweden) Lecture: Twenty Years of Baltic-Nordic Co-operation – With Expansion to Ukraine and Belarus Slides
Dr. Pauli Ollila (Statistics Finland) Lecture: Process model for statistical editing Paper Slides
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rendtel (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany) Lecture: Teaching Survey Statistics by Teleteaching: A joint project at three German universities Paper Slides, Record
Anders Wallgren (Sweden) Lecture: Administrative registers, survey system design and quality assessment Slides
Dr. Scient. Li-Chun Zhang (Statistics Norway) Lecture: Micro calibration for data integration Slides

Contributed Papers

All other participants are invited to present a contributed paper. The author of a contributed paper has 15 minutes to present it. The presentation will be followed by a discussion for 10 minutes. The presentation usually summarizes the aim of the research or application, the methodology used and some of the results obtained. It may point out some open questions that are suitable for discussion. 30 to 40 contributed papers are planed for the workshop.

Name Title Paper Presentation
Julia Aru Combinining samples of HBS and EU-SILC in Estonia Paper Slides
Natallia Bandarenka The problems of working out of tools household sample surveys Paper
Anastacia Bobrova Using of Sample Survey for Building Social Portrait of Alcohol-dependent Persons Paper
Natallia Bokun Labour Force Survey in Belarus: determination of sample size, sample design, statistical weighting Paper Slides
Viktoras Chadyšas Accuracy investigation of the composite estimators in the case of sample rotation for two-phase sampling scheme Paper
Katsiaryna Chystsenka Sample survey of wages by trades and posts: experience of carrying out in Republic of Belarus Paper Slides
Andris Fisenko Labour force survey before and after Census 2011 Slides
Ildikó Györki GÉSA, the survey control system in Hungary (Frame, data collection, paradata and quality) Paper Slides
Oksana Honchar, Tetiana Ianevych Analysis of repeated business surveys in Ukraine Paper Slides
Tara Junes Initial Wave Nonresponse and Panel Attrition in the Finnish Subsample of EU-SILC Paper
Ināra Kantāne, Biruta Sloka Survey Organisation Issues for Micro and Small Size Enterprise Managers Paper Slides
Mauno Keto On sample allocation for effective EBLUP estimation of small area totals Paper Slides
Jānis Kleperis Organisation of Surveys on Attitudes Towards Hydrogen as Energy Carrier Paper Slides
Seppo Laaksonen Grid sampling with an application to a mixed-mode human survey Paper Slides
Anna Larchenko Challenges and possibilities of usage MICS in Belarus Paper Slides
Natalja Lepik Estimation under restrictions built upon biased initial estimators Paper Slides
Mārtiņš Liberts The Simulation Study of Survey Cost and Precision Paper Slides
Kaur Lumiste Estimation in a mixed-mode, web and face-to-face, survey Paper Slides
Inga Masiulaityte-Sukevic Estimation of social and economic characteristics of immigrants Paper Slides
Maiken Mätik Lack of Balance Indicator for Data Collection Paper Slides
Vilma Nekrasaite-Liege Estimation strategy for small areas, a case study Paper Slides
Saara Oinonen Indicators with respect to process model for editing in Statistic Finland Paper Slides
Julia Orlova Evaluation labour input of filling in statistical forms: sampling methods Paper Slides
Nicklas Pettersson Real donor imputation pools Paper Slides
Aleksandras Plikusas Design based and model based calibration Slides
Tomas Rudys Inclusion probabilities for successive sampling Paper Slides
Milda Šličkutė-Šeštokienė Incomplete administrative data for production of official statistics Slides
Svitlana Slobodian Survey sampling at the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University Paper Slides
Biruta Sloka Practice and challenges for survey organisation for research in social sciences
Markus Gintas Šova On the Potential Use of Administrative VAT Data for Estimating Short-term Output Growth in the UK Paper Slides
Olena Sugakova Finite mixtures analysis by biased samples Paper Slides
Daniel Thorburn Combination of sample surveys or projections of political opinions Paper Slides
Olga Vasylyk A study of using models in sample surveys
Jelena Voronova Bussines sample co-ordination Paper Slides
Lisha Wang A Simulation Study on Nonresponse-bias for Calibration Estimator with Missing Auxiliary Information Paper Slides
Meng Zhou Current Development in Microsimulation and Assessment of Uncertainty in JUTTA Model Paper Slides

Poster Session

A poster session (50 minutes) will be organised.

Name Title Paper Poster
Juris Breidaks Using calibration in a Survey on Transportation of Goods by Road Paper Poster
Baiba Buceniece Comparison of Energy Resource Survey Results Paper Poster
Ance Ceriņa Count of persons in collective Households in Latvia Paper Poster
Jānis Lapiņš Sampling for Production of the Foreign Direct Investment Statistics
Tetiana Manzhos Survey Sampling at Kyiv National Economic University Paper Poster
Riku Salonen Some remarks on the use of auxiliary information in the Finnish Labour Force Survey Paper Poster
Jeļena Vaļkovska The number of Latvian residents estimation via logistic regression Paper Poster