Latvijas Statistiķu asociācijas paziņojums angļu valodā

Statement of the Latvian Statisticians’ Association condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine

In its annual meeting on 16 March 2022, Latvian Statisticians’ Association condemned in the strongest possible terms the full-scale invasion and the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and its sovereignty and independence. Equally we strongly condemn the involvement of Belarus in supporting this aggression.

Latvian Statisticians’ Association stands for internationally endorsed democratic values. We express our solidarity and support to all people of Ukraine. We call for the international community of statisticians, including statisticians from the Russian Federation and Belarus to take a strong stance for peace and to take immediate action on removal ties with the aggressor and its allies. We call for the international statistical community to raise this issue in every international forum.

Ukraine is fighting for all types of freedom, including freedom of speech, academic freedom, and the freedom of research. These are very important fundamental elements of democratic societies. We hope that actions of the international community of statisticians will ensure a prompt and strong response to Russia’s current aggressive policy. Let’s protect freedom!

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